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About us

Our facility sits on 17 acres ( Hence the name Wanna-B-Ranch) in Cooper Wanna-B RanchCounty Missouri, just outside the town of Boonville. We are idealy situated half way between St. Louis (to the east) and Kansas City (to the west). Each about 125 miles.

You'll have easy access to our little slice of heaven, we are only ½ mile off the I-70 corridor that feeds this part of Missouri, while traveling with your equine partners and needing a great spot to rest them and yourself or if your in the market for a place to board.

Here you'll find registered cow bred American Quarter horses trained for the equine sport of Cutting, the thrill of a 2-1/2 minute ride on a well trained cutting horse can lead to a life time addiction – you've been warned.

We do NO outside Training.

Wanna-B-Ranch is home to our equine partners that are regularly hauled to local and national Cutting events.

Docs Cowboy Reward - see sale page

A Ladyz Cowboy - see sale page

Drivin Miss Quixote - see sale page

Wh Wild Hair Sunrise - see sale page